Our Mission

The Clarissa Manuel Foundation (CMF) was founded to prevent further deterioration of the community and juvenile delinquency through educational enrichment programs.  The foundation will focus on three areas to reach the goal:    

  • Educational Academic Awareness
  • Financial Independence
  • Physical & Mental Well Being  

By focusing on these areas, the foundation will provide tools for the community to thrive in three of the most important parts of life: learning, finance and health.  



An educated community strives to create and build. CMF will support and mentor youth to  encourage educational advancement through:

  • Academic excellence and pursuit of higher education
  • Literacy: Encourage more reading
  • Job Skills/Career Development 
  • STEM Programs



 A financially independent community creates wealth for itself and grows. CMF will promote financial independence by educating the community and providing local resources for:

  • Personal Credit: Understanding credit and repairing bad credit
  • Budgeting:  Making choices and reaching goals
  • Entrepreneurship: Learning how to own your own business
  • Ownership:  Loan options and programs
  • Retirement & Estate Planning:  Keeping what you’ve earned




A healthy community does not create a burden on itself or society as a whole.  CMF will strive to encourage behavioral changes for physical and mental well-being by:

  • Supporting causes to reduce the risks associated with overweight and obesity
  •  Community outreach, physical and cultural diversity activities
  • Disease Management: Encourage screening and promote healthy lifestyles for prevention of chronic health diseases
  • Encourage minorities to support research efforts focusing on chronic diseases which are disproportionate for their ethnic groups
  • Mental Well-Being: Elevate awareness of the mental health disorders that affect underserved communities 
  • Dispel the negative stigma associated with mental health services