About the Clarissa Manuel Foundation Scholarships

The Clarissa Manuel Foundation is a public non-profit community charity focused on supporting, empowering and enriching the community through educational and enlightening programs. The foundation focuses on three areas to attain these goals: Educational Academic Awareness, Financial Independence and Physical & Mental Well-Being. By focusing on these areas, the foundation will provide tools for the community to thrive in perhaps three of the most important parts of life: knowledge, finance and health. An educated community strives to create and build. A financially independent community creates wealth for itself and grows. A healthy community doesn’t create a burden on itself or society as a whole. 

The Crystal Marie Breedlove Scholarships were posthumously named after one of the foundation’s inaugural members, who served the foundation passionately. She attended California State University, Dominguez Hills, where she acquired both a Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration. 

The Clarissa Manuel Foundation created the Crystal Marie Breedlove Business Scholarship to recognize her contributions in the field of business. With her husband James, they operated a Real Estate Sales Brokerage for over 25 years, assisting several hundred clients in fulfilling their dreams of home ownership. In addition to the brokerage, Crystal poured her love and hard work into their community care residential facilities that served over 50 adult clients with intellectual disabilities. Not only did she devote her time and talents to our beloved Clarissa Manuel Foundation, she also cared for her disabled daughter. She fought valiantly to recover and continuously extolled the wonderful care she received from the nursing staff for almost two years. 

The Clarissa Manuel Foundation created the Crystal Marie Breedlove Nursing Scholarship in response to the care and comfort these nurses gave to Crystal Marie Breedlove, our dear friend, sister, wife, and mother. In support of those who choose the selfless career of Nursing, this scholarship is given as a legacy of the selfless love Crystal also gave in the care of others. With her educational achievements, pure business savvy and her passionate work ethic, she earned the respect and admiration of many of her clients, members of the business community and the general community at large. Her legacy is indeed worth emulating.